Super Volunteers

Anita Pishko – Anita was a driving force behind the creation of a sliding-scale Montessori Preschool at the NRC. Anita organized a team of volunteer Montessori teachers to assess and transform the NRC’s front room into a full-blown Montessori classroom. She kept saying, “Yep, we can do this.” The NRC’s Montessori Preschool is licensed by the state of Virginia and a member of the American Montessori Society. None of that would have happened without Anita. Special thanks to all the Montessorians who came to help and who are supporting the program with their dollars and love.

Bob Corby – If United Brotherhood of Carpenters-Local 388 ambassador, Bob Corby, had a nickname it would be, “Builds with Coffee.” Bob has been a central part of every phase of renovation at the NRC. He can often be seen shaking his head in disbelief when plans are laid in front of him; but somehow, he shows up and almost always brings a brother from Local 388 or from the Millwrights Local 1402. Bob can be found many weekends selling eggs from his chickens for the NRC at the South of the James market.

Karen Ress – Adored by neighborhood tots and respected by NRC staff for the way she gently redirects children, Karen Ress fills in whenever and wherever needed. Asked why she puts so much time into the center, Karen replies without hesitation, “The thing that does it for me is that I get interested in the kids. I get a great feeling of satisfaction when I can get them involved in something that helps them learn.”