Recording Studio

The NRC’s Young Writer’s Recording Studio program helps young people aged 6-17 express themselves through words and music. The NRC Young Writers are improving their literacy skills, finding an outlet for their creativity and developing a reservoir of positive experiences as their self-image continues to take shape. Writing takes the form of raps, lyrics, music, poetry, short stories, & screenplays.

Thanks to funding from the Richmond Police Department in 2005, the NRC built a recording studio to support the Young Writers program. Two consecutive grants from the Memorial Foundation for Children provided staff, recording equipment, microphones and other supplies to make a professional grade studio out of what was once the men’s locker room!

The Young Writers meet once a week (see schedule) to write, make beats, mix their songs, and listen to each other’s creations. Youth have the opportunity to record their written works, write music, and help each other in the recording studio during this time, but may also make individual appointments with the program leader to work on their projects.

The Young Writers’ Recording Studio is proud to share its completed works.  Completed recordings are displayed at  Our young artists have the opportunity to share their stories, poems, songs, raps, and screenplays through performances at the NRC and around Richmond.  With each young author’s permission, completed writings are collected in a portfolio at the NRC for public viewing and submitted to literary magazines, contests, and websites.

To join the Young Writers’ Recording Studio, learn more about the studio, or volunteer your time, contact the NRC by email or call us 864-5797