Jr. Iron Chef RVA Competition Coming Soon

Junior Iron Chef RVA is an 8 week summer youth program that focuses on teaching culinary and healthy food skills. Thirty lucky students begin their training soon, in a workshop that culminates in a festive competition on August 26th, 11:00 am – 2:00 pm at Peter Paul Development Center.

How Did We Get Here
Richmond has made national headlines for its budding culinary scene and talented chefs and restaurateus but, has also gained spotlight for being home to some of the largest food deserts for a city of it’s size. Church Hill and Greater Fulton make up a large portion of Richmond’s food deserts. The Neighborhood Resource Center, Peter Paul Development Center, Shalom Farms and Greater Richmond Fit4Kids seek a new and exciting way to engage in change around this epidemic. For this reason, we are launching the first ever Jr Iron Chef RVA event. This is a community event to connect all community members and families to resources around health, nutrition, gardening, food and access and to bring awareness to the issues that our communities face.

Getting To The Meat Of It!
Having access to fresh, whole foods is only a part of a much larger problem. Knowing what to do with fresh ingredients can help to make healthier decisions in the kitchen, leading to a healthier, more fulfilled lifestyle. The Junior Iron Chef Program is an 8 week summer enrichment program that focuses on teaching culinary skills, exploring healthy food options, defining farm to table efforts and giving students a better view of our local food and market scene.

During The Event
Our partners and sponsors will be hosting information, demo tables, and farm stands highlighting food, gardening, health, nutrition, and access. We will be giving away seeds, late summer/fall seedlings, and cookbooks. More importantly, we will be connecting community members to local resources that they can use to live healthier lives.

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