Providing resources to the Greater Fulton community of Richmond, Virginia
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Greater Fulton is a thriving, diverse, community with various opportunities for service, fellowship, and cross-cultural experiences.  The community is working together to address the health, well being, and expressed needs of the people of Greater Fulton.  We are coming together in unity and solidarity across boundaries that have traditionally stood as barriers to progress.

Greater Fulton’s Future is a community development effort led, guided, and implemented by residents of Fulton, Fulton Hill, and Montrose Heights.  Since 2010, the community of Greater Fulton has embarked another leg of a journey that has proven to reap lasting rewards.  As a community, we have come together to envision, plan, and implement projects.  Community members have reached out to Richmond city leaders, local non-profit organizations, local churches, and other groups to partner in shaping Greater Fulton’s Future.

To learn more about the community initiative please visit:

View the Community Vision.

View the short version Community Vision Trifold.

The NRC was lucky to work with the great folks at Floricane during the visioning process.    Be sure to check out John Sarvay’s blog posts on the events that led to the community agreement:

Fulton Rising

Greater Fulton: A Community Rising

Greater Fulton: Letting the Children Speak

Greater Fulton: Drawing a Better Future

Greater Fulton Design Day In Action

The Institute for Comprehensive Community Development has also produced a great series of articles about improvements to the Fulton Hill Business District.

For more information on Greater Fulton’s Future or to get involved, contact Cheryl Groce-Wright:

The Neighborhood Resource Center would like to thank the Virginia Local Initiatives Support Corporation for their partnership and generous support of Greater Fulton’s Future.