After School Art and Writing

Below you can see art and writing from youth who participate in the Neighborhood Resource Center’s after-school art and writing programs.

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Junior artists’ work (ages 10 & up)

Young artists’ work (ages 6 & up)

Writings (all ages)

About the Artists

You can also see pictures of the kids in art class, and writing workshop on our flickr page.

Junior Artists’

The artists at work

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Live Portrait Painting Project

This summer (2012) the NRC Junior Artists explored the theme of identity through painting, costuming, and live performance. They created 4’x6′ and 10’12’ backdrops with paint and drawing mediums and reinvented themselves with fabric, found objects, and face paint. We completed our project with an afternoon of digital snapshots.
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Young Artists’ Gallery

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Writing Gallery

MJ At the Net by Allen

Speed by Allen

The Pink Kingdom by Akaya

I Will Support You by Clin’taya and Jazsmine

The best pool party ever by Dejshane

I Am a Girl Named Ireana by Ireana


tia by Ireana

I came to tell the truth by Jazsmine

The Giving Season by Kharee

The Story of Kharee by Kharee

Love 1 by Rabiyah

Love 2 by Rabiyah

Succeed by Rabiyah

Without My Best Friend by Rabiyah


About the Artists


Age: 11

Schools attended:
Montrose Elementary, Glen Lea Elementary, and Chimborazo Elementary

Started coming to the NRC: December 2007

“Action. Anything. Writing about anything helps me express myself. I like to write about action because, some of that stuff will blow your mind. The NRC has a lot of great activities, like recording studio. The one important thing in is to not give up, to keep writing because, that’s what the people want to see.”


Age: 9

Schools Attended: Bellevue Elementary

Started coming to the NRC: January 2011

“I like writing because you can write about anything. Sometimes I write about my feelings. I like the NRC because I can do writing workshop. Also, I can do dance classes. Also, I love Ms. Penny.”


Age: 12

Schools attended: Chimborazo
Martin Luther King

Started coming to the NRC: September 2010

“Writing lets me express myself: how I feel and all. It’s fun to do it. It lets me be my-self. If you like to do it (do it).”


Age: 13

Schools Attended: Laburnum Elementary, Dupoint Elementary, Hary E. James Ele-matary, Patrick Copeland Elemen-tary, John Rolfe Middle

Started Coming to the NRC: 2011

I like writing because I can express what I do. I like to write about myself. The rea-son why I like to write about myself is be-cause other people can know about my life. What I like about the NRC is that you can do a lot of activities, and you can have something constructive to do instead of getting in trouble outside, and the NRC can put you somewhere better in life. I’m not interested in writing as a job, but it is one of my hobbies.


Age: 10

Schools attended: NRC Montessori Preschool, Chimborazo Elementary, Patrick Henry

Started coming to the NRC: 2006

“I like writing work shop because you can let out how you feel and I like being with friends. I write about my family. It was hard to decide what to write about.”


Age: 13

Schools attended: Martin Luther King Middle

Started coming to the NRC: 2010

“I like the emotions in writing whether it is horror, romance, manga, or comedy be-cause it gives me ideas of what to write. I like that the NRC is inspiring and helpful, especially the volunteers. All I have to say for aspiring writers is to do your own thing and be creative.”


Age: 10
Schools attended: Patrick Henry Elementary

Started coming to the NRC: 2011

“I write because it seems as if this is the only way to express my feelings. What I write motivates me to write even more. The whole reason I write is to let free my imagination, to be free like a bird. It is impossible to keep all these ideas in my head and actually not share them with others.”


Age: 17

Schools attended: Tawheed Prep

Started coming to the NRC: Summer 2012

“I love to write. It opens my mind to what the world has to offer. Writing is how I express myself and show others my point of view. When I write it feels like I have unlocked a closed door and once it is open it can never be shut. I love the feeling of achievement when I have completed my work; this burst of excitement takes over and I’m willing to share. I mostly like writing about life, but also the emotions of people and how the world is viewed in my eyes. A lot of my writing is based on my opinions. I like being able to have a voice in this world. Having the ability to speak up is very important to me.

I really like the NRC because there are so many people who are willing to take time out to help, teach and share their ideas with others. I like how kind everyone is and that I can assist during some of the classes. I love working with kids and being able to help. For all those who like to write I would say keep up the good work and don’t let anyone discourage you from writing. It is very important to have an open mind about different kinds of writing and whenever you get a good idea you should write it down. Remember: what you write is your opinion, so you can’t go wrong.”


Age: 13

Schools attended: Elijah House Academy, Blackwell Elementary, John Rolfe Middle

Started coming to the NRC: 2011

“I write mostly about nature. Why? It’s a real mystery, how wind blows, why. I have lots of questions, so I imagine being nature. What do I like about the NRC? I like the fact that they have gardening, which gets you close to nature, and writing, which helps me express my feelings about different things. Do I have any advice for aspiring writers? Don’t try to be the best at writing, be yourself.”