NRC, UnboundRVA Grad Starts Her Own Business

Our own Angela Buchanan, one of UnBoundRVA’s latest entrepreneurs, successfully completed a rigorous business development program and recently graduated. She provides our office cleaning service, and has been since before she started with UnboundRVA.

From a Richmond Times Dispatch article:
Angela is one of five entrepreneurs in UnBoundRVA’s third class. The organization starts its fourth class in July with 20 participants. With class four, UnBoundRVA will move from a 12-month timeline to an 18-month timeline.

Buchanan’s Cleaning Service

Angela Buchanan has been cleaning professionally for more than 30 years. She began her career cleaning hotels at age 16.

Buchanan’s mother and sisters all went into nursing, but Buchanan took a different path. She decided last year that she wanted to have her own business.

She sought help at the Neighborhood Resource Center of Greater Fulton, which referred her to UnBoundRVA. She wrote a proposal and was accepted into the program.

Shortly after, Buchanan was hit by a car. “With staples and stitches in my arm, I was still determined to get my business,” she said.

Buchanan has a passion for cleaning as well as for making her clients happy.

“You have got to love what you do to do it well,” Buchanan said. “I love to see people smile.”

Buchanan said she is “cleaning in her sleep” and has always had a strong passion for cleaning homes.

But she said completing the UnBoundRVA class was no easy task.

“I was up late nights getting my homework in. … I was determined to stay in the class,” Buchanan said.

Although Buchanan loves cleaning, she cares most for her clients.

“I like to treat my clients like family,” she said. “When I finish (cleaning), I want them to know Angela has been there.”

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